About My Blog

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog first and foremost, secondly thanks for taking the time to read this introduction.

My name is Jamie Briggs and this blog has been created to give myself an outlet to express myself. Allowing me to further extend what I can write about aside from the realm of gaming content I create on Analog Addiction.

For those who don’t know me I am currently a 22 year old living in Adelaide, with the hopes of one day making my dream of being a video games journalist a reality. Every day is a step closer to that dream and I appreciate each step I have taken to get to where I am.

Since July 2012 I have run my very own video gaming site (linked above) which has become quite successful, not in the financial department but in experiences and the wealth of people I have interacted with ever since the day I started AA. As much as I would appreciate a cheque sitting in my bank account from my hard work, you cannot put a price on the wonderful journey I have undertaken; one that has made me grow as a person and into the individual I am proud to be today.

There is no telling when I will post here, but it will definitely be a way to update those who want to follow my personal endeavors in the gaming industry or outside of it in my personal life. One of the main things I have enjoyed throughout my time managing AA is the social interaction between fans, the constructive criticism of my work and the compliments. The interactions I have experienced with such a large range of people, is something I will never forget and I hope to explain a little more of the man behind the screen through this blog.

If you have lasted this long, I appreciate it immensely and I hope you all enjoy reading content that is outside of my normal gaming focused work.

Yours gratefully,

Jamie Briggs,
Editor-in-Chief of Analog Addiction.


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